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Wezzì is an online store of shoes, clothing and suitcases with over 10,000 items for women, men and children. We offer a wide range of models of the best fashion Brands, from the most comfortable to the most chic.

Each season we present more than 2000 new collection items and expand the range of proposals with new prestigious brands of the Italian and international fashion.

When, in 2015, the "Wezzì" journey started, we wanted to transfer to the web our 70 years experience, handed down from father to son. "Wezzì" should have not been a simple e-commerce, but a fashion store made of pixels and experienced people.

We are the third generation of a family successful company: two stores of over 2,000 square meters in the heart of Lecce city in Italy, reference point for the quality fashion.

Living among the aisles of a store, we have learnt to listen to the customer needs, understand how a state of mind can influence a purchase decision and how the knowledge of the product and a competent advice can make a difference.

For this reason, Wezzì aims to be your Personal Web-Shopper: to dress you according to your mood, guide and advise you in the purchasing choices, making progress without losing the natural approach to the personalized advice.

With this purpose, in our Facebook page and Newsletter, each week we propose the trends of the season, suggest the little tricks to enhance your physical qualities, hide any weaknesses, wear the right outfit for every occasion.

We have named our online shop Wezzì (by the way, it is pronounced Uezzì) because we like the sound of this word and the fact that, in pronouncing it, the mouth naturally takes the form of a smile. The smile we imagine on your faces, when the courier rings the bell and you try your purchase in the mirror for the first time.

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On wezzi.it technology and experience live together and enjoy cross-contamination. Please subscribe to WezzìNews and follow us on the Social media, feel free to contact us if you need an advice on your purchases. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

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