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The products we sell are original, new and of a certain source.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a size change or other item or return within 30 days of the delivery date of the product.

Customers who purchase with VAT cannot return the items.

The shipping costs for the return are borne by the Customer, (5.90 euros in Italy plus any surcharge for disadvantaged locations); to be calculated for foreign.


Return Instructions

In order for a product to be returned, you must follow these instructions:

- go to the "My Account " area, click on "After-Sale service" and then on the appropriate section on the right of withdrawal. Locate the affected order. Select the items that you want to return and submit the online form for the return authorization request. The system will automatically highlight orders that have not yet exceeded the 60 days (for purchases made before 31/12/2021) limit and for which a return can be made.

- Within 2 working days, Wezzì will send an email with the instructions for the return.

Shoes: They must be returned without ever having been used and must not bear any signs of wear. They must also carry all the tags, labels and safety seals (not removed) included in the initial equipment. The original box is considered an integral part of the product and therefore should be returned intact, without marks, writing or deformations that could compromise its resale. The original box cannot be used as the only external packaging for shipping but must in turn be packed in such a way as to protect the goods. Attention! Footwear should be tested on a clean floor or carpet and kept to your feet the time it takes to check the right size; in doing so you will avoid creating folds and soiling the soles.

Clothing: A piece of clothing must be returned complete with original sachet and with tags, safety seal and manufacturer labels attached. The garment should still be returned new, never worn, never washed and without marks, stains, tears and/or any alteration and possibly folded as it was originally.

Luggage and Accessories: The product must be returned complete with tags, safety seal and attached labels, stored in the original packaging. The product must be returned new, unworn, never washed and without marks, stains, tears and/or any alteration.

The detachment of the labels/seal safety from the garment or alterations of the product involve the presumption of use of the same and will result in the loss of the right to replace or refund.

Following these simple tips will save you time and unpleasant inconvenience in the event of a damage dispute.

The shipping costs for the return are borne by the customer.

The return must be made from the same address to which the product was originally delivered.

Wezzì reserves the right to apply cost surcharges or refuse returns and refunds that are not authorized or otherwise non-compliant with all conditions.


Reimbursement times

The return will be processed within 3 working days after the product arrives at our warehouse; the conditions of acceptance of the return mentioned above will be ascertained and the refund or the replacement of the item will be instructed. 

Credit Card: the refund will be issued within 5 working days. The time it takes to view the refund on your bank account depends on the institution that issued the card. You can check the refund on your online account or by contacting the credit card company.

PayPal account: the refund will be issued within 5 working days and will be visible within 48 hours on your Paypal account.

Bank transfer: the refund will be issued within 5 working days via a bank transfer; you will be required to provide the bank account number.



The right of withdrawal may be exercised in accordance with the law if the customer-consumer (whether it is an individual who buys the product for non-commercial purposes or makes the purchase without specifying a VAT registration number on the order form) wishes to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason. To exercise this right, the customer must submit a written request to Wezzì within 14 business days of the delivery date of the product. To exercise this right, you must fill out the form in the "After-sales services" section. Please note: Customers who make a purchase with a VAT registration number cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.

The right to withdraw is subject to the following conditions (Article 67 of the Consumer Code):

-If the product has already been delivered, the consumer must return it or deliver it to a competent merchant, according to the procedure and terms specified in the contract. However, to exercise this right you need to inform us in writing (by email or letter) or by phone (make sure to take the name of the person you are talking to and mention this at the time of return of the goods) within 14 business days from the day after receiving your goods. The return date is the day the goods are delivered to the post office or courier.

-As for contracts for the sale of goods, a refund will be issued only if the product that is returned has not been damaged and is intact. This requirement will be met if the product is returned in its normal condition, having been stored and/or used with due care. If the original packaging of the product has been damaged or destroyed you should ensure that the returned product is properly packed for shipping back to us.

-If it is included in the contract, you are responsible for paying the shipping costs incurred at the time of return of the product.

-If the customer exercises the right of withdrawal in accordance with the procedure in this section, the seller is required to reimburse the full amount to the consumer, including deposit fees. The refund must be free of charge, within thirty days of the date on which the seller has been informed of the customer's intention to exercise the right of withdrawal. The refund is considered legally concluded when it is credited to the customer's account in the appropriate currency, before the above deadline.

-If the price of a good or service relating to the above contract is fully or partially covered by a credit granted to the consumer (or by a third party through an agreement between them and the trader), the credit agreement is considered legally terminated without any resulting penalty - provided that the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal according to the procedure described in the above article. It is the duty of the seller to inform the third party that it pays the consumer's right of withdrawal. Funds paid by the third party for the good or service, before learning that the consumer has exercised the right of withdrawal, will be reimbursed by the trader, without any penalty arising from the payment of the legal costs accrued.



The right of withdrawal under Article 64 and later, as well as Articles 52 and 53 and Article 54, paragraph 1, does not apply:

Unless otherwise agreed between the two parties, the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal under Article 64 and subsequent sections in the following cases:

-The supply of goods or services whose price is linked to fluctuations in financial market rates that are beyond the professional's control;

-The supply of bespoke, custom or goods with characteristics that cannot be returned without the risk of rapid deterioration or alteration;


For more information you can see the legal text available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development


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